The “Best” Time to Exercise I’ve Found After 7+ Years of Experimentation

Plus a 3-factor Psychocybernetic framework to find *your* optimal workout time — and get the most out of each workout

The “Best” Time to Exercise I’ve Found After 7+ Years of Experimentation

Over my 7-year fitness journey, I’ve tried all the AMs and PMs:

6 AM crunches and clandestine high-school romance. Slapping iron plates at 7 PM in my hostel gym. Stealthy 5 AM lockdown workouts. Rushed 10 AM sessions before my Daily Stand-Ups.

For years, college/work timings limited my experimentation. But once I quit my job to go all-in on writing?

Photos of the author’s transformation from skinny fat to fat to skinny to ripped
I’ve also likely “tried all the FMs” — Fitness Mistakes (Photos of the author)

I began testing in full swing to find the “best” workout time — and lifestyle.

But the more I researched and tested, the more uncertain I grew. Just as I fell into analysis paralysis, an epiphany revealed the “best” time.

But I won’t just share this revelation and call it a day. Instead, I will…

  • Clarify it with a brief yet deep overview of the research.
  • Explain the core 2-pronged Psychocybernetic logic and its nuances.
  • Share a framework to find your optimal workout time — based on your needs, preferences, and form/variety of exercise.
  • Tie it all up with an illustrative personal case study.

With no further ado, let’s dive in.

Disclaimer: I’m not a certified fitness or health expert. All my knowledge stems from 7+ years of exercising, mentoring/coaching, and self-study. Do your due diligence before heeding any of my (or others’) suggestions.

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