How to Use Sickness to Actually Skyrocket Your Self-Growth

3 potent growth boosters + 9 actionable ways to leverage them (when healthy too) + my HEW-MVD system to thrive 360° when sick

How to Use Sickness to Actually Skyrocket Your Self-Growth
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As I type this with flaming eyes, my nose’s throwing a sniffing tantrum.

But I’ve had a chain of insights way too useful — for them (or me) to wait.

Before these illuminating insights, I was drowning in guilt over my last 3 days.

I’d binged celebrity gossip and conspiracy theories on YouTube. Skipping the gym, I’d made do with quick home workouts. I’d fought over useless politics with my girlfriend.

But I’d also (unknowingly) done a few crucial positive things.

At face value, they go against conventional self-improvement advice. Such circles might even brand them a “waste of time.”

But as I’m recovering, I can see their sheer long-term benefits.

This time, they “happened” near-unconsciously. But I’ve had the (mental) leisure to flesh out and “systemize” them.

Not only will I share these 3 sick-time growth “boosters”, but also…

  • Illustrate their nuances via reasoning, research, and personal experience.
  • Share 9 actionable ways to leverage them even when you’re not sick.
  • Detail my “HEW-MVD” system to not only survive but thrive all-round when sick.
  • Share a bonus Whatsapp tracking system for bulletproof consistency.

So, the next time we’re sick (touchwood not soon, intense, or frequent), we’ll be armed…

With an antifragile framework to bounce back stronger, better, and wiser.

With no further ado, let’s dive in.

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